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Fusion Furthers Portfolio with IQMax Acquisition

January 26, 2018

The cloud era is here, and in a big way. Touching all points of technology, cloud computing is spearheading a revolution. For communications, the impact is rocking the unified communications space with adoption on the rise competition is fierce. The choice is yours: sit on the sideline and watch the field fight for market share, or suit up and get after it.

Fusion is a firm with a history of facilitating growth via acquisition, and today announced the purchase of IQMax’s cloud-based secure messaging solutions and advanced data integration engine. The newly added components will be welcomed additions to the Fusion cloud solutions platform.

“IQMax represents a unique opportunity for Fusion to acquire a leading secure messaging and enterprise data integration platform that integrates very tightly with our existing unified communications platform,” said Matthew Rosen, Fusion’s Chief Executive Officer.

With the purchase, Fusions gets its hands on a data integration engine capable of seamlessly integrating and transmitting data across diverse platforms and applications. The IQMAX secure messaging solution promises security, interoperability and compliance. Already in place in a major healthcare system here in the United States, it is a perfect fit in Fusion’s vertical friendly portfolio.

“The IQMax platform enables organizations to integrate enterprise data with secure communications across iOS, Android and Microsoft mobile operating systems,” said Paul Adkison, IQMax’s Founder. “Leveraging Fusion’s comprehensive single source cloud solutions and robust infrastructure, we are well positioned to be a leader in the industry with the next generation of highly differentiated, future-proof UCaaS solutions. Today’s winning corporate communications strategy demands secure communications, connectivity and collaboration, and we look forward to selling IQMax solutions into Fusion’s large and growing customer base, which will expand significantly with Fusion’s pending acquisition of Birch.”

The cloud is no passing fad; don’t let complexity hinder organization transformation. Embrace our digital era, and all the technology making it possible.

Are your communications in the cloud?

Edited by Mandi Nowitz

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