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Unified Office Takes TCNOPS to the Next Level

January 22, 2018

Unified Office has come out with a new version of its Total Connect Now Operations Performance Suite. TCNOPS 2.0 introduces the ability to automatically or dynamically control thermostats and other things like air conditioners, heaters, make tables, refrigeration units, safe doors, security and video systems, and stove exhaust vendors. And, like the initial version of TCNOPS, 2.0 analyzes and monitors IoT data.

Food service is a highly regulated industry. It’s also one that can easily lose money due to waste. TCNOPS addresses both issues by connecting and monitoring things like prep table and refrigeration so they comply with regulations and avoid spoilage.

The new TCNOPS 2.0 functionality means a business can set a themostat to work within a given range, for example. And if it goes outside that range, TCNOPS 2.0 can recognize that, and take a predetermined action to address it. That way, organizations can easily ensure they keep their assets, employees, customers, and businesses safe; stay in compliance with regulations; and get alerts when things don’t work as expected.

“Downtime on these critical systems can cost SMBs dearly in terms of regulatory compliance, lost revenues, and potential reputational damage,” notes Unified Office CTO Tom Phelan. “Network unavailability can derail any IoT system and the critical business functions that rely on it. This data gets top priority on our network. TCNOPS 2.0 is a simple, easy to use, pragmatic work horse for our clients that takes no time off.”

As Unified Office CEO Ray Pasquale explains in the 2017 third quarter issue of INTERNET TELEPHONY magazine: Our Total Connect Now Operations Performance Suite, or TCNOPS, is an Internet of Things-based operational performance suite that enables quick serve restaurants and other small and medium businesses to dramatically improve their operational performance and effectiveness.

“TCNOPS integrates alerting and reporting functions for business-critical information into our industry leading Total Connect Now communications platform with its Visual Performance Suite advanced analytics offering, and cloud-based resilient service architecture.” 

Edited by Mandi Nowitz