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Sangoma Buys Dialogic CCD

January 09, 2018

Sangoma Technologies Corp. today announced it has bought Dialogic’s Converged Communication Division for $5.7 million in cash. This is the company’s sixth acquisition in six years.

This deal should give Sangoma $15 million in additional sales over the next 12 months. It will also provide the company with more recurring revenue, stronger gross margins, more products, and new talent.

“It is one more step along the way, as we seek to add scale to our business by augmenting our organic growth with selective acquisitions, during a time of industry consolidation,” commented Bill Wignall, president and CEO of Sangoma, which also today disclosed that it has extended its borrowing capability with its current Canadian bank by an additional $4 million. That takes it from $4.5 million to $8.5 million.

Sangoma provides cloud-based and on-premises unified communications to enterprise, OEM, service provider, and small and medium business customers around the world.

Dialogic’s Converged Communication Division division is based in Parsippany, N.J., and sells gateways and interface boards. More than 25 percent of its sales come from recurring services revenue. And, noting that strong talent is at a premium, Sangoma is bringing aboard 45 Dialogic employees. (That includes INTERNET TELEPHONY magazine columnist Jim Machi, who had been Dialogic’s senior vice president of product management and marketing.)

Here’s a quick rundown of Sangoma’s past acquisitions:

• Back in 2001 Sangoma bought U.K.-based VoIP gateway appliance developer VegaStream.

• In January of 2015 Sangoma closed transactions to buy Schmooze Com Inc. and RockBochs Inc. Wisconsin-based Schmooze developed FreePBX and manages that open source project. RockBochs was a Minnesota-based business offering fax-over-IP services and gear.

• Late in 2016 Sangoma snapped up the telecom assets of Cleveland-based hosted telecom and IT provider Micro Advantage.

• And in June of last year Sangoma announced plans to buy VoIP Supply LLC for $3 million.

Edited by Maurice Nagle