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Unified Communications Week in Review: Cisco, Vodat, and More

December 09, 2017

In the world of Unified Communications, there is always something new, exciting and interesting going on. This week, it went from Cisco Spark logging 200,000 users to Vodat buying Axonex. If you missed any of the big announcements, that makes it the perfect time for the Unified Communications week in review.

Orange Business Services saw firsthand how Spark, Cisco’s collaboration solution impacted its customers.  Cisco Spark by Orange has registered over 200,000 user subscriptions with hundreds of popular Spark Boards emerging for more than 20 multinational enterprise customers. Spark meets the growing need for a single, easy, secure yet collaborative mobile workspace while enabling enterprise digitization. Cisco Spark is feature-rich, offering team messaging, voice and video calling, online meetings, whiteboard capabilities, security, unlimited file sharing, and APIs to enhance workflows.

Some companies, such as Sennheiser, are implementing new ways to motivate employees to live healthier lifestyles while at work, by leveraging the latest wireless technology to keep staff moving throughout the workweek. “Businesses need to adopt a holistic view of their working environments and practices in order to improve health and productivity and help to change employee habits for the better, “explained Andreas Bach, president of Sennheiser Communications.

Vodat Communications Group is buying Axonex Ltd., though the companies did not announce the financial details of their combination, which marks Vodat’s first acquisition. But they did say three Axonex shareholders will remain with the business and become shareholders in Vodat. Vodat, which is backed by Maven Capital Partners, sells communications solutions including cloud, data, disaster recovery, IP telephony, private managed networks, security, and Wi-Fi services to U.K. businesses at more than 9,000 locations.

Finally, several recent studies suggest that businesses should embrace and enable messaging and texting as channels through which they and their customers and prospects can interact. Text messages also have a very high open rate. It is estimated that open rate is in the neighborhood of 98 percent and that 90 percent of text messages are read in less than three minutes. “For millennials and younger, messaging has become the key communication experience,” Forbes writes in this 2016 piece. “It’s fast, direct, visual, and allows for multiple conversations to happen in parallel.”

And there you have it; your Unified Communications week in review, all wrapped up neatly in a little package. But, make sure to come back early and often next week so you do not miss a moment.