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Fusion Cloud Services Overcome Enterprise Complexity Requirements

November 30, 2017

Everything is about connectivity today, right? Connecting to your team. Connecting with clients and prospective clients. In our digital era, much of this connecting is held in place by the power of the cloud. The cloud can meld network and communications operations, creating an easily managed and optimized experience, enabling your business to bask in the many benefits focusing on the bottom line and the big picture.

Today, cloud communications provider announced the signing of two major enterprises to contracts, one a leader in the hospitality space, the other healthcare. Both clients felt Fusion was the right fit due to its expertise in improving communications while meeting the specific requirements each of these verticals demand.

“Fusion is committed to meeting the rigorous requirements of this growing organization, which recognized our experience in healthcare and our own dedication to service excellence. This leading provider of administrative services was looking for a partner that understands the complex demands of the nursing home industry and was impressed with our ability to deliver a level of service consistent with its own commitment to its nursing home customers, employees and the seniors under their care,” said Russell P. Markman, Fusion’s President of Business Services. 

For each enterprise, Fusion sent out a team of experienced professionals to assess deployment needs, then design a scalable and secure solution capable of driving efficiency while cutting costs.

One implementation involved 35 nursing home locations across five states in the southeastern United States, and needed a solution capable of keeping up with the quickly expanding enterprise’s growth. The other enterprise deployment comprised the three luxury hotel locations for a leading northeast hotel group where the firm felt it was time to replace its aging legacy communications infrastructure. With the modernization project, Fusion doubled network capacity, creating a more positive communications experience for hotel guests, while saving money for the hotel.

An additional point of note for both projects is the future-forward nature, as each deployment included business continuity built in.

“Each of these growing enterprises prides itself on delivering an exceptional experience to its expanding customer base.  We are delighted that they have chosen Fusion to meet their highly specialized needs now and in the future,” Mr. Markman said.

Cloud communications continue to show time and time again why adoption is through the roof. It’s difficult to deny the cost savings, added flexibility and performance associated with this transformational technology.

Are your business communications in the cloud?

Edited by Mandi Nowitz