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Versa SD-Branch Receives UC Enhancements

November 14, 2017

SD-WAN is no longer the next big thing, as today it is already seeing its time in the spotlight. The emergence of software-defined networking solutions is driving our era of digital transformation. From the data center and conference room, to the c-suite and the contact center the benefits are undeniable.

Today, SD-WAN provider Versa announced some enhancements to its software-defined branch (SD-Branch) solution, as now the Versa Cloud IP Platform is fit to support embedded voice and video codec support to provide mean opinion score (MOS)-based traffic engineering and reporting.

photo courtesy of Pixabay

With these new additions to the platform, it can now provide real-time assessment of the user experience, which promises to offer exceptional service levels and a quality end user experience. In terms of specific enhancements, here’s what new with the Versa Cloud IP Platformm: dynamic distribution and shared MOS metrics to all SD-WAN nodes; the capability to create MOS-based video and voice traffic-steering policies; native real-time and historical reporting and analysis of video and voice quality based on MS and codec type; and the ability to encode and decode video and voice traffic in order to enable deeper visibility and investigation of embedded MOS data in real time.

“Versa Cloud IP platform is helping our customers meet their digital transformation needs,” said Rob McBride, Director of Product Marketing, Versa Networks. “And with these enhancements for unified communications, we now provide a foundation of secure data connectivity with assurance to critical productivity and business services, like UC, aimed to improve the end-user experience.”

MSPs are excited and the opportunity to offer enterprise-grade UCaaS services backed by the power of SD-WAN, with all the flexibility and security one required.  And those looking at the nuts and bolts of deployment will find a reduced footprint, utilizing the SD-BRANCH saves on hardware while offering virtualized networking solutions and improved overall service.

I can’t say it enough, software is eating the world. It started with a peripheral nibble but is now feasting on network operations.

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Edited by Mandi Nowitz