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Momentum Addresses Modern Workforce with Mobility View

October 19, 2017

The enterprise expects a lot from a communications solution. Starting with the basics like reliable chat, voice and video, and moving forward with the notion of mobility. Team members no longer remain chained to a workstation, and our mobile, always-on, always plugged-in working landscape requires attention.

This week, unified communications and business VoIP provider Momentum Telecom announced the arrival of Momentum Mobility View, an enhanced mobile UC offering. The release empowers impromptu meetings of up to 50 participants with the ease of a click.

“The new Momentum Mobility View is a powerful tool that delivers a user-friendly experience for effective meetings. As more and more workers are geographically separated and are looking for ways to increase efficiency, Momentum Mobility View will help erase the barriers of distance to strengthen productivity and unite remote and mobile team members regardless of their preferred device,” explained Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Chuck Piazza.

Supporting callers from a dial-in bridge, desktop sharing and multi-point video, Mobility View enables a rich conferencing experience promising to improve team communication and collaboration. For companies with colleagues working from the road, home or branch offices the new solution ensures an integrated experience.

“We’re excited to see the many ways our customers will leverage this technology and use these features to gain efficiency, empower their workforces and better their businesses,” noted Momentum CEO Bill Fox. “With companies always looking for ways to use the latest technology to improve team collaboration, Mobility View delivers an advanced feature set in a way that will further enable workers and their businesses to thrive.”

The modern workforce is all over the map, literally. The demand for mobile UC and VoIP solutions is exploding, and providers are leveraging burgeoning technologies in order to deliver. Regardless of locale, productivity remains a priority and Momentum is aiming to make that happen.

Does your organization have a mobility solution in place?

Edited by Mandi Nowitz