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Voxbone Augments Offerings with Russian Presence

October 04, 2017

Those that rest on laurels in the cloud communications are doomed to mediocrity. Those pushing forward, riding the wings of innovation toward opportunity are in a position to seize market share, build revenue and become leaders in a burgeoning space. A recent example of a firm taking the proverbial bull by the horns is Voxbone. First with a rebrand, and now with an expanded international presence is poised for prosperity.

This week, Voxbone announced expanded coverage to now include Russia. The CaaS firm is focused on enlarging its already sizable network with coverage in over 60 countries to provide business around the world with user friendly, feature-rich and engaging communications solutions.

Already touting substantial global coverage – to the tune of more than 90 percent – Voxbone enables companies a convenient way to collaborate. From mobile and SMS services, to voice and local DIDs, the cloud communications provider employs next generation communications for firms seeking a local presence when doing business in Russia.

A key component of Voxbone’s expansion is access to DIDs spanning 78 cities, customers can utilize local numbers to conduct business including sales, support, conferencing, call tracking and other voice services.

“Russia coverage is a huge milestone for Voxbone and a big win for our customers who want to establish a local presence there–it’s a lot of area to cover,” said Itay Rosenfeld, Voxbone CEO. “We’ve responded to this demand and done the legwork to deliver compliant, high-quality communications within the country. Delivering access to DIDs in Russia is no easy feat, but now our global customers can connect to over 140 million new contacts, with just a few clicks.”

With the expanded presence in place, Voxbone is not only venturing into new territory it is capitalizing on the massive opportunity in place, aiding the Russian Bear’s rise. The cloud is no passing fad, and Voxbone is ensuring those in Russia are about to see why.

Edited by Mandi Nowitz