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8x8 Adds Reliability, Performance with Aryaka Pairing

September 26, 2017

Quality and reliability of service are two fundamental requirements of a unified communications deployment. As the UCaaS coup continues to take flight, riding the wings of cloud innovation its demand is only matched by adoption. What if I told you that SD-WAN could be the secret sauce to ensuring the quality and reliability of your firm’s new UCaaS deployment?

8x8 certainly agrees with the above, as it recently announced a partnership with SD-WAN provider Aryaka to aid in the provision of reliable and high-performing business-critical cloud unified communications. In bringing the two parties together, 8x8 can leverage the Aryaka SD-WAN solution for private connectivity, which will enhance 8x8’s already exceptional cloud communications.

 “Our partnership with 8×8 enables enterprises to significantly enhance the performance of their voice and video communications globally regardless of changing network conditions,” said Shawn Farshchi, President and CEO of Aryaka. “This improves business execution and delivers the stable and high-quality experiences that employees, partners, and customers demand from communications, collaboration and customer engagement operations.”

Instead of routing traffic via public Internet, the 8x8 communications cloud can utilize Aryaka’s private network to minimize jitter, latency and packet loss. No more dropped calls, no more employee complaints about the network not cooperating.

“8×8 is committed to providing mid-market and enterprise companies with the highest levels of quality and reliability for cloud communications, collaboration and contact center services while simplifying service deployment and reducing costs,” said Mehdi Salour, Senior Vice President of Global Network and DevOps at 8×8. “The Aryaka partnership will enable us to further improve quality of service for voice, video and web conferencing, delivering a superior end-user experience for employees, partners and customers around the world, even in the face of adverse customer network conditions.”

Many point to 8x8 as a cloud communications pioneer, trailblazing the path for this burgeoning technology to transform communications. And, in pairing with Aryaka, a preeminent provider of SD-WAN, the duo is a position to succeed well into the future.

Are your unified communications backed by SD-WAN?

Edited by Mandi Nowitz