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Voxbone Welcomes Era of 'Strangely Simple Communications' with Rebrand

September 19, 2017

Change is one of the few constants in our current phase of digital transformation. Driving this transformative era is innovation, and stealing the spotlight is cloud computing. From the data center, to the c-suite evolution is at hand; ensuring that our always-on, always plugged-in world is full steam ahead.

UCaaS provider Voxbone is in the midst of a major change – from the outside in with a company rebranding. The cloud communications provider put a new, “quirky” logo in place in conjunction with a new motto: “strangely simple communications.” Why the makeover? Because as innovation continues to drive change, complexity is on the rise, and as the company explains, it reflects “the notion that complexity is the norm in communication and simplicity is strange as well as the team’s unique spirit.” New identity: check.

“If you’re dealing with telecoms in multiple countries, whether as a cloud provider or multinational company, you know the truth, it’s a mess,” said Itay Rosenfeld, CEO at Voxbone. “The headaches consist of thick telecom contracts, multiple currencies, insane lead times, obscure invoices, lack of tools or APIs and country-specific regulation. We’re here to untangle this for you and give you instant access wherever your business needs to be.”

As a cloud communications provider, Voxbone offers a feature-rich collaboration experience. And as it continues to expand an already comprehensive portfolio, the “strangely simpler” puts much in perspective, as Voxbone is determined to enable user-friendly, satisfying communication experiences.

In celebrating the new facelift, Voxbone ventured into how employees here in the United States communicate – with some notable results. Let’s run through some of the highlights: over 25 percent of employees noted taking conference calls from the bathroom; over half of respondents note muting conference calls, with 44 percent having thought the calls were muted when they were not; and according to the results, 45 percent of meetings are done so via conference calls.

Change comes in all shapes and sizes, especially in technology. Voxbone is working toward the notion of communications in the enterprise becoming second nature, and elevating workplace collaboration to new heights.

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Edited by Mandi Nowitz