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Newstead Technologies Employs ShoreTel for Unified Communications

September 14, 2017

In order to be considered as one of the world’s most well-rounded IT companies, it is vital to stay ahead of the curve. Newstead Technologies has opted to do just that – stay ahead of the curve that is. With a strong, growing customer base it required a unified communications system in place capable of supporting operations.

Newstead Technologies has an extremely devoted enterprise system, which includes IT solutions, maintenance/support services, Education Technology (EdTech), as well as system integration.

General Manager, Leon Tay realized that landlines could no longer accommodate the company’s communications needs, so Newstead Technologies started its search for a unified communications solution for its Singapore headquarters.

Tay thought about implementing Skype but then deferred to other companies and narrowed the playing field to Alcatel, Polycom, Omnicom, and ShoreTel, with the latter being the chosen. ShoreTel held the flexibility that Newstead desired in order to scale up their call center. ShoreTel also has the capability to keep up with the brisk growth taking place.

ShoreTel can track calls, monitor conversations, as well as perform random call recordings for the purposes of training. These trainings can help banks garner better customer satisfaction while ShoreTel offers the option of statistical pulls and a small number of missed calls, as Newstead does work for the government. Government dealings come with strong structures and rules, which ShoreTel can ensure that Newstead adheres to.

Tay had this to say, “Since deployment, the ShoreTel team has been extremely attentive during the initial phase of introduction. The team has been able to fully leverage the outstanding features of the solutions to deliver stellar customer service, and we’re already seeing the results of implementing ShoreTel here at Newstead Technologies. In addition, internally, the overall acceptance rate has been extremely positive, due to the ease of interaction with the technology. Customers have also been positive in highlighting that communication with the wider team at Newstead Technologies has been seamless and efficient.”

Edited by Maurice Nagle

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