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BCM One Teams Up With Evolve IP

August 17, 2017

Evolve IP, which is largely known as The Cloud Strategy Company, announced this week that BCM One will begin offering the company’s complete suite of integrated cloud solutions. The technology solutions provider will now be offering Evolve IP’s disaster recovery; contact centers; unified communications/business collaboration, desktop services and infrastructure as a service.

"We're excited to be working with Evolve IP, a leading, strategic technology partner who strengthens our cloud portfolio and solution options for our clients," stated John Cunningham, Founder & Co-CEO of BCM One. "We expect that their focus on delivering compliant, best-of-breed services will help us grow our business and open up additional market opportunities."

Evolve IP’s unified communications/business collaboration solutions are known for enabling communication through video, chat, conferencing and more. What makes Evolve IP’s offering unique is that the company designs and customizes solutions to fit the unique needs of individual businesses. One-size-fits-all isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, and Evolve IP recognizes that fact and stands apart because of it.

At this moment, Evolve IP’s various solutions are used by more than 1,500 enterprises. More than 210,000 users from numerous industries also use the solutions, including those in healthcare, finance, veterinary, legal, insurance, construction, technology, travel, and retail. This wide range of customers is one of the reasons Evolve IP is so appealing to technology solution providers such as BCM One.

Although BCM One is excited to team up with Evolve IP, it’s not the only one benefiting from the arrangement. "We are very happy to have BCM One, a distinguished technology solutions provider and integrator, add Evolve IP as a select technology partner," says Tim Allen, Chief Sales Officer of Evolve IP. "We're the only provider in the industry that enables IT professionals to strategically deploy best-of-breed cloud computing and cloud communications solutions one at a time, or integrated together, and are looking forward to seeing BCM One benefit from this unique capability."

With a reputable provider such as BCM One working with Evolve IP, the company’s reputation should only grow from here.


Edited by Maurice Nagle

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