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8x8 Virtual Office Improves Mobile Experience

July 31, 2017

Digital transformation and development in cloud communications is raising the expectations bar. The workforce is changing, and I’m not just talking about Millennials. Today’s workforce wants to communicate and collaborate in a manner, at a time and place of their choosing; serving as impetus for a new generation of improved mobile unified communications.

Today, 8x8 continued its recent flurry of news with the announcement of a new 8x8 Virtual Office Mobile Solution, which empowers the workforce access to communication and collaboration tools regardless of location.

Touting an easy to use interface, the application enables a seamless user experience via tablet or smartphone, and promises to deliver exceptional voice quality. Available for Android and iOS, from SMB to enterprise, 8x8 Virtual Office offers all the components necessary to meet communications and collaboration needs.

In deploying 8x8 Virtual Office, users gain access to feature-rich robust experience including: easy access to personal and business contacts; instant messaging and presence; a new and improved user interface; support for Apple iOS CallKit; HD VoIP over 3G/4G/LTE/Wi-Fi; and 8x8 Virtual Office Meetings with chat, screen sharing, audio and video capabilities.

Available for desktop and mobile, the 8x8 Communications Cloud has you covered regardless of device, promising an exceptional and seamless collaboration experience.

“We’re bringing to market a single, elegant, unified mobile app with unparalleled capabilities that enables employees around the globe to quickly and efficiently communicate and collaborate anytime and anywhere,” said Matt McGinnis, Vice President of Product Marketing at 8x8. “We’re thrilled to roll out a new app that will elevate the 8x8 Communications Cloud mobile experience, and further enhance user productivity.”

The cloud era is upon us, and with it is a new generation of innovation changing the face of communications. Creating solutions capable of supporting the workforce of today, and evolving to meet the demands of tomorrow – It’s cloud or bust. You in?

Edited by Alicia Young

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