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8x8 Unveils Engineering 'Super Team'

July 25, 2017

Many modern day NBA fans are throwing fits about the “Super Team” phenomenon, concerned the cost of a championship is bringing together several superstars and relieving the league of what little parody still remained. While, a team like the Golden State Warriors is set up to rival the Bulls dynasty, there are still games to be played, and competitors to best. In technology, one’s development team is the foundation for innovative, feature-rich and high performing solution; creating differentiation, and expanded market share.

Cloud communications firm 8x8 is gathering a “Super Team” of its own to drive innovation in cloud communications, the contact center and collaboration. 8x8 announced progress in its next generation engineering project with additions from all over Silicon Valley, adding to the depth and talent of the company’s engineering team.  

“8x8 is clearly becoming the engineering destination to develop cutting-edge technology, and this is enabling us to increase our velocity of development and innovation,” said Dejan Deklich, Senior Vice President of global research and development (R&D) at 8x8. “Our team is attracting top engineers across the globe that are bringing years of industry expertise building leading cloud and mobile platforms and apps from companies like Amazon Web Services, Oracle, VMware and Cisco. They’re joining 8x8 ready to solve some of the biggest business communications and collaboration problems that midmarket and enterprise companies face today.”

With the five new team members, 8x8 adds around 100 years of experience in the space. New VP of Platform Engineering Boris Strongin offers 20 years of experience working at Oracle, VMware and HyTrust, with a focus on microservices, big data and machine learning he mange the global analytics platform engineering and scale core services.

Haim Tebeka, the team’s new Director of Mobile engineering brings with him over 30 years of experience in embedded and mobile software development for firms like Broadcom, VMware and Microsoft, and will lead mobile app development for 8x8.

Jared Smith Mickelson, VP of Applications is coming from a strong engineering background, holding executive positions at Cisco and Jive. He is tasked with heading up all global application development – including support for desktop and mobile clients, as well as contact center solutions.

Principal Architect, Edgar Nidome offers expertise in distributed systems, microservices, machine learning and big data for the enterprise, and will bring this to the table when developing and refining 8x8’s rich products.

Bringing senior-level engineering experience with firms like Hewlett Packard IBM, Cisco and Riverbed, new Senior Director of Global Quality Effort Ramana Smapagni will ensure quality of 8x8 analytics, apps and platforms are up to snuff.

It is clear, 8x8 is focused on leading via innovation, as in the last year it has increased the size of its engineering team to over 200 employees across the globe. The cloud opens the door to much in the way of opportunity; from the contact center and the c-suite to the data center and beyond. Piecing an exceptional team together is a good first step. Now let’s see how well they play together. 

Edited by Maurice Nagle