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Fusion Cloud Corrals Self-Storage Company

July 19, 2017

Cloud computing is ushering in a monsoon of innovation. From the data center and enterprise network, to the c-suite and contact center, the effects are permeating every nook and cranny of the business landscape.  Long story short, cloud services is a $217 billion dollar industry. Cloud communications in particular are gaining traction, as the benefits are undeniable.

Today, in fact, an international self-storage company selected Fusion for a multi-year contract to provide cloud communications across 195 facilities. Spanning two continents and offering over 15 million square feet in storage space, the firm required a reliable, flexible and pocket friendly solution to meet the needs of today, and scale for the demands of tomorrow.

Russell P. Markman, Fusion's President of Business Services, said, "As market conditions change and we find more and more legacy service providers exiting the business, Fusion's single source cloud solutions are gaining increasing acceptance by enterprises seeking an experienced, trusted partner to help them successfully migrate to the cloud. Offering everything a company needs to benefit from the cloud, Fusion can be relied upon to increase productivity and efficiency across the enterprise while lowering costs and eliminating the finger pointing associated with multiple vendor environments."

Fusion is a friendly face in the deep waters of cloud services providers. Sure, Fusion employs nice people, but more than that it brings much in the way of experience working in various verticals, making the self-storage firm’s decision an easy one. The ability to avoid working with several vendors, and Fusion’s capacity to engineer, provision and deliver cloud communications before the legacy communications network contract lapsed were key factors in the selection. When dealing with mission critical communications, a company needs to know its cloud communications provider is capable of offering end-to-end support and a future forward portfolio of products.

The forecast for the future is cloudy – hold the meatballs. Don’t be fooled, this billion dollar industry is still in its infancy. And in the coming years, it will continue to expand presence, adoption and performance capability.

Are your communications in the cloud yet?

Edited by Alicia Young

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