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SkySwitch Integrates ReachUC for Improved Mobility

July 19, 2017

In the world of enterprise communications, if your solution isn’t mobile, what is it? While this may sound a bit dramatic, it couldn’t be a truer statement. Team members are no longer chained to desks, dialing rotary phones in a smoke-filled room. We live and work in a mobile-first world. On the short list of items leaving the house on your person every day is your smartphone – a lifeline to the world.

Recognizing this trend, SkySwitch announced this week that it has integrated ReachUC into the SkySwitch Platform. This influx of advanced applications, tools and features adds much in the way of capability, and is now available to all SkySwitch white label resellers.

“Previous Skyswitch mobile apps did not provide the complete integrated experience that we feel is required to compete in today’s market,” said Jayson Jones, VP of Business Development at SkySwitch. “In order to meet the demands of our Resellers and their end users, we leveraged the ReachUC product to create the solution that we had envisioned. Not only does it deliver a very rich user experience, provisioning and management is simplified within the SkySwitch Reseller Dashboard.”

With the addition of ReachUC, users have the same experience from a smartphone as they would from an IP phone. The integration supports VoIP, GSM, video, text, contact management, Web conferencing, fax and push notification and more. Once downloaded to your device, it’s off to the races.

In addition, those using iPhones get the added benefit of support for the Apple CallKit. The API allows the ReachUC app to provide a native experience, bringing the Apple experience up to snuff with Android. Also new to the SkySwitch platform is the ability to make calls through Google Chrome, synchronize contacts and send faxes from Microsoft Outlook.

Louis LeBlanc president of Orgeon Phone Systems and longtime SkySwitch reseller said, “ReachUC, is a welcome upgrade to an already impressive white label hosted phone solution. Our clients are thrilled with the iOS Call Kit integration and well as the ease of use and voice quality it provides. The addition of mobility, along with the consistent feature access across deskphone, mobile, and desktop is impressive.”

The working world is moving in a decidedly mobile direction. Are you along for the ride?

Is your UC mobile?

Edited by Alicia Young