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Unify OpenScape Cloud Can Boost Collaboration

July 17, 2017

The movement toward cloud computing harkens memories of my youth. Sitting in computer class, playing Oregon Trail, westward bound as that’s where opportunity exists. Thankfully migrating to the cloud doesn’t involve dysentery or yellow fever, just a little technical knowhow. The cloud is growing in presence, with one key area being cloud communications.

Recently, Unfiy unveiled the OpenScape Cloud. This feature-rich and highly flexible cloud communications offering is capable of supporting the modern workforce and its collaboration needs.

“The market is rapidly moving to the cloud and demanding customizable, innovative communication tools that go beyond traditional voice or UC to deliver true collaboration for today’s mobile and distributed workforce,” said Elka Popova, Vice President Digital Transformation, Frost & Sullivan. “Unify’s OpenScape Cloud offering delivers the right mix of voice and collaboration features that users need, along with the flexible deployment options that CIOs require.”

Workflows have changed, sure, Millennials have played a major role in that, but so too has an evolution in technology. Businesses today seek cloud solutions that are customizable, flexible and pocket friendly to not only support the needs of today, but the requirements of tomorrow as well.

With a number of deployment options, and a fully immersive experience regardless of device, OpenScape Cloud is certainly catering to market demands. Unify OpenScape Cloud is currently available from Unify partners in a number of countries, with presence set to expand over the remainder of 2017.

“The move to cloud is a major market trend, and our customers and partners are looking for more options and stronger offerings than are available today,” said Luiz Domingos, Head of Product House for Unify. “Unify’s OpenScape Cloud provides superior functionality and the flexibility for public or private cloud deployments, so Unify and our partners can offer customers the deployment choices and flexibility to migrate at their pace.”

Communications of today are cloud or bust. The benefits are a plenty, so ride the wave of innovation to see a bottom line in the black, and exceptional levels of communication and collaboration.

Are your communications in the cloud yet?

Edited by Alicia Young