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Unified Communications Week in Review: GreenKey Technologies, TELUS, RingCentral & More

July 15, 2017

Welcome back to the week in review, where we take a look at all the top stories making headlines in Unified Communications this week.

The week started off with a guest contribution from John De Los Reyes. He tackles the idea of unified communications and collaboration (UC&C) but notes that some companies have found that the “&C” portion of UC&C still requires employee facetime. In a workforce where connected devices make it incredibly easy to communicate through messaging, finding the balance between digital communication and face-to-face communication can be difficult. Find all of his insights HERE.

Next up, we had a contribution from Anna Johansson that looked at all the wonderful things mobile devices have done for us over the years. Mobile has solved countless problems thanks to its many communication channels. However, there’s still one problem mobile devices have yet to solve. Find out what it is HERE.

Meanwhile, GreenKey Technologies and Red Box Recorders joined forces this week to create an integrated solution for embedded compliance recording within GreenKey's software-based trader collaboration offering. More specifically, “Thanks to the newly inked deal, clients can use Red Box voice recording technology with the trade and communications analytics, monitoring and archiving capabilities of GreenKey's Enterprise Voice Collaboration platform to provide complete records of trade activities.” Everything you need to know is HERE.

Finally, the week rounded out with the news that TELUS and RingCentral have announced a newly expanded portfolio of cloud communications solutions aimed at addressing mobility. As TMC’s Maurice Nagle writes, “TELUS Business Connect Mobile, the new cloud-based offering, puts the power of an enterprise-grade PBX in the palm of user hands. As a result, the call for a landline or costly on-premises equipment is alleviated.” Find out more HERE.

That’s all for this week. Come back next week to read all the latest news in the Unified Communications space.

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