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GreenKey Technologies Joins Forces with Red Box Recorders

July 13, 2017

GreenKey Technologies, an AI-driven voice collaboration platform for the financial markets, announced this week that it has entered into a global partnership with Red Box Recorders, an expert in voice recording technology and services. The purpose of this partnership is to create an integrated solution for embedded compliance recording within GreenKey's software-based trader collaboration offering.

Thanks to the newly inked deal, clients can use Red Box voice recording technology with the trade and communications analytics, monitoring and archiving capabilities of GreenKey's Enterprise Voice Collaboration platform to provide complete records of trade activities.

Pete Ellis, COO of Red Box Recorders, commented, “Voice communication is part of the culture and fabric of the capital markets. Capturing these conversations is now more important than ever. Red Box is working with GreenKey to bring our decades of voice recording expertise to GreenKey's innovative Enterprise Voice Collaboration platform.”

Implementing call recording solutions is especially important these days due to regulations such as Dodd-Frank in the U.S. and MiFID II and Market Abuse Directive and Regulation (MAD/MAR) in Europe. All of these regulations require investment firms to keep records of trade-related communications, including everything from emails to voice conversations. In addition, investment firms also need to produce time-sequenced records of the lifecycle of a trade. For this, the companies involved need to capture different types of communications data generated from pre-trade, to execution, to post-trade. Once that data is compiled, it needs to be correlated it with the relevant transaction data.

For these reasons, GreenKey and Red Box saw a hole in the market that their partnership could fill. “Compliance officers need a way to capture all communications and interactions around a trade in order to give regulators a complete snapshot of events. Integrating our data analytics capabilities with voice recording through Red Box helps us provide a complete and cost effective surveillance, record-keeping and trade reconstruction solution to our global client base,” said Nader Shwayhat, CEO of GreenKey Technologies.

Through this partnership, hundreds of financial firms—banks banks, brokers, funds and traders—should be able to stay in compliance with the guidelines pertaining to their locations.

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