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ShoreTel Says Yes to SMS APIs

July 07, 2017

Now that the cloud is the rage, and developers are all about the APIs, it is certainly an exciting time of innovation, adding capability at every turn. For communications developers, CPaaS is receiving its due. And, recently, Shoretel announced it has become a Google Cloud Platform Technology Partner, and part and parcel is offering an SMS API solution via the Google Cloud launcher.

In utilizing the Google Cloud Launcher, developers are given all the necessary building blocks with ready-to-go services, solutions and stacks aimed at enabling opportunity to explore, and accelerate the development process. ShoreTel will provide developers with inbound and outbound integration SMS capabilities into existing or new applications leveraging the SMS REST APIs of ShoreTel Summit – communications solution provider’s CPaaS.

“The Google Cloud Platform offers a great way to expose more developers and businesses to the ease and flexibility of ShoreTel Summit,” said Mark Roberts, chief marketing officer for ShoreTel. “Summit's flexible SMS APIs will enable developers who are creating exciting applications on Google Cloud to automate communications capabilities and create more convenient user experiences.”

Chock full of toolkits and API frameworks, Summit empowers developers to embed SMS functionality into system workflows or build custom applications to suit need – from reminders and notifications, alerts, marketing promotions and more.

The cloud is no passing fad. This burgeoning technology will serve digital transformation and industry well for the foreseeable future. By offering communications developers a grand sandbox to tinker and toil on the next generation of solutions, the horizon looks quite collaborative, prosperous and highly productive.

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Edited by Alicia Young