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Unified Communications Provider Wins Award

June 29, 2017

Earlier this week, a leading unified communications and software as a service provider received two very prestigious awards. SwitchConnex, the flagship unified communications platform powered by CoreDial, was recognized by TMC as a 2017 Unified Communications Product of the Year. In addition, CoreDial was recognized for its vision and leadership, and CEO and Founder Alan Rihm was named a 2017 CRN Channel Chief.

This is the fourth year in a row that Rihm and his company have been recognized in such a way, and with good reason. Last year, the company experienced annual year over year growth of 35 percent, and now provides unified communications services for over 20,000 businesses of a wide variety of sizes across the United States.

“CoreDial’s culture is founded on the principle of empowering our channel ecosystem to be successful,” Rihm said in a statement. “Our team’s dedication to the success of our channel partners runs deep, and manifests in an ever-increasing number of new partners joining the platform, and industry leading growth numbers. The combination of our business model, platform, features, and our team’s unparalleled experience enables the channel to deliver quality and reliability to their end customers year after year. By leveraging the SwitchConnex platform, the channel strengthens their position as a trusted advisor to the customer, delivers considerable value, controls implementation and support, and realizes faster time to market and impressive margins of up to 65 percent.”

A big reason that CoreDial has seen so much success with its SwitchConnex platform has been its willingness to change and add new features. In the past year alone, the company has added voice to text and a mobile facing product. In today’s business world, that is the key to staying ahead: constantly innovate. Successful companies are constantly anticipating what the next big demands and needs from their customers will be, and are working to get out ahead and proactively solve them with new updates. That is the approach that CoreDial has been taking, and it is being recognized for it.