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Vonage Providing Unified Communications for MedXM

June 21, 2017

Earlier this week, the Mobile Medical Examination Service (MedXM) announced that it has selected Vonage as its provider of unified communications. The Santa Ana-based company specializes in preventative care technology and risk assessment, meeting with patients to highlight potential health risks and working proactively to treat them before they develop into more serious issues.

The company is fairly large, with a medical staff of over 5,000 people who are certified to meet with and diagnose patients. However, it was facing a major hurdle when it came to meeting with customers, especially those who lived far away or had trouble with mobility. Scheduling meetings with them was not just a hassle but also costly and time consuming. As such, the company looked to take advantage of unified-communications-as-a-services (UCaaS) to add a Web conferencing component to its business model. It selected Vonage based on its long track record and experience working with companies of many different sizes.

“When we made the decision to move our communications system to the cloud, the most important consideration was partnering with a company that would help us to provide our members - patients, healthcare plans and physicians - with the same robust network of resources and unparalleled customer service that they expect from MedXM,” said Sy Zahedi, CEO of MedXM. “With Vonage, we know we will not only continue to deliver on the promise of our trusted brand, but this move to the cloud will also provide us with the agility we require to connect with our members wherever they are to meet their healthcare needs better and faster.” 

In addition to using the Vonage Unified Communications services for medical conferencing with patients, the same technologies will also be applied to the MedXM contact center and inter-office communications as well. The ultimate goal of this partnership is to ensure that all people who interact with and within MedXM can be on the same page at all times. That enhanced communication and collaboration is a big part of why more and more businesses are pursuing unified communications services. 

Edited by Alicia Young