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Bay Microsystems Fires Up Communications With Total Connect Now

June 19, 2017

While Bay Microsystems has made something of a name for itself in wide area networking (WAN) applications, particularly those focused on big data operations, it still had some problems within its own network. Rather, in the internal network of individuals trying to communicate. That's when Bay Microsystems realized that it needed improved tools to get that job done, and turned to Unified Office's Total Connect Now system to fill the gaps.

With Total Connect Now, Bay Microsystems got access to a range of communications tools, starting with voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) service and running down to analytics tools for business communications. A complete unified communications system, it's being offered as a managed service that thus allows businesses to remove the “finger pointing” that's much more common with systems that are cobbled together out of whole cloth and multiple vendors.

Bay Microsystems' CEO, Harry Carr, noted, “We have experienced significant productivity benefits from Unified Office. For example, with their simple extension dialing features, I can add anyone on my team instantly from my smartphone or tablet using voice or video and perform a demonstration of our product capabilities on the fly. Features like this help our sales and marketing teams to grow our business.”

Carr also cited the ability to move key employees to other projects thanks to the level of management that Unified Office delivered, allowing IT and other staffers to focus on internal development rather than communications systems management.

Which is a mouthful in its own right, but given that Unified Office handles both hardware and software aspects of the service, it's not out of line. While some firms are content to offer up the service and leave hardware-related endpoint decisions to the businesses, Unified Office manages the whole setup start to finish. Depending on how it does this, it may alienate a few potential customers who wanted more control—though this may not even be a problem if Unified Office offers several choices or the option to bring in a certain brand—but for the most part, many firms will likely be happy to see Unified Office handle the heavy lifting. Certainly, the cost savings involved and potential profit improvement that comes with less time spent on systems management and more on systems development will be welcome.

Unified Office's Total Connect Now should deliver plenty of value to the end user thanks to its completeness and comparative versatility. While there may be some resistance, most of the market will likely approve and welcome this new option that allows for complete connectivity from one system. Bay Microsystems certainly seems to have done so. 

Edited by Alicia Young

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