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Azure Taps 8x8 for Overseas Expansion Project

June 05, 2017

Recently, Azure dropped the dime on plans to take its show on the road, launching a major overseas expansion to deliver more services to its European market. It's already one of the biggest names in vacation ownership around, and its plans to get even bigger would require a lot of support. Thus, to better connect its various divisions and drive its expansion plans, Azure turned to 8x8 for its cloud-based communications systems.

Azure was already well-known thanks to its Golden Sands Resort and Spa properties in Malta, but wanted to reach out more to the UK and Scandinavian markets, both of which would likely be glad for Maltese properties when the winters came around. While that sounds like a great plan, it means that a lot more communication will have to take place, and often between countries. Thus, Azure wanted a cloud-based system that could not only handle the load, but also provide for rapid upscaling as needed.

While Azure had some elements of a useful system here—including a combination of private branch exchange (PBX) and voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) services—these elements often conflicted, resulting in a system that just couldn't keep up. With 8x8's Virtual Office system, it will be that much easier to help keep staff on the same page and pulling in the same direction. Further, 8x8 will also be offering its Virtual Contact Center system up to improve campaign activity, driving more outbound calling and being better able to handle inbound calling.

Azure's chief information officer, Marthese Vella, commented, “When we set out to select a VoIP and contact center system we were looking for a provider that’s innovative, has a scalable and reliable product and can support our complex operations without being overly complicated as a system. 8x8 ticks all the boxes. We’re looking forward to working in a more unified and coherent way as an organization to give our customer service agents the tools they need to continue delivering excellent service.”

It's hard to argue with an assessment like that. Here, 8x8 shows just what it can do for companies like Azure, delivering value on several fronts at once to produce a coherent whole that allows a growing company with aspirations of further growth to address its needs. By combining systems into one, there's a lot of savings that can be realized by not having to track down where a problem emerges, which further saves money. There's more than enough capacity to handle needs on the ground, which means a better customer experience.  Azure has clearly found value with 8x8, and it likely will for some time to come.

Edited by Alicia Young

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