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Twilio Changing the Game for Cloud Communications

May 25, 2017

Cloud communications was once pie in the sky, today, however, the adoption of cloud-based communications solutions is picking up steam. There are several reasons for this, from cost cutting and flexibility to ease of the development process. With communication and collaboration integral to success, this space is garnering growing attention.

Twilio, a firm whose middle name is disruption, announced the arrival of Twilio Functions. This serverless environment provides developers a sandbox to build and run communication applications leveraging the Twilio platform.

“Writing code is a creative endeavor,” said Patrick Malatack, Twilio VP of Product. “The developers and businesses building cloud communications apps should be focusing on the customer experience, not managing servers. Fueling the future of communications starts with unleashing developer creativity, and that’s exactly what Twilio Functions was designed to do. We can’t wait to see what developers build next!”

Developers benefit in a number of ways. Twilio Functions facilitates automatic scaling, developers need only write code once and the Twilio infrastructure will automatically scale the application. There is no operational burden, as developers don’t have to worry about configuration, installation or launch any additional infrastructure. Once a function is created with JavaScript, Twilio executes in a Node.js runtime environment. Another boost for developers is Twilio Functions offers a complete runtime environment that accelerates the dev process by providing access to a pre-configured environment, debugging tools, API keys, media asset storage and helper libraries.  

Regardless of vertical, a communications platform must be in place. Whether it’s an industry-leading UC deployment, or an innovative application your IT team put together for the company, and Twilio is offering a way to easily develop a robust application with Twilio Functions handling the heavy lifting.

“Twilio is effectively democratizing the ability to build and scale custom cloud communications apps,” said John Karlo Torres, Digital Marketing Strategist at the San Francisco Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA). “Twilio Functions allows us to focus on building meaningful applications that further our mission, and Twilio automatically takes care of the rest.”

We are neck deep in the cloud era. Grab the reins, harness its power and put it to work for your organization.

Are your communications in the cloud yet?

Edited by Maurice Nagle

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