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8x8 Tops Tolly Group List in VoIP Quality

May 25, 2017

Setting up Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) service isn't easy, mainly because there are so many options in the field. When there are a lot of choices out there, it's a pretty safe bet that the best choice will likely be buried under the competition's various propositions. However, picking the best in VoIP might be a little easier now thanks to a new report from Tolly Group, which put 8x8 at the top of the heap in VoIP.

The Tolly Group report—dubbed “Analysis of Cloud Communications VoIP Quality Under Normal and Adverse Conditions”—revealed that 8x8's Virtual Office solution provided the best voice quality under several different test cases. Tolly Group compared 8x8's Virtual Office to RingCentral Office, Microsoft's Skype for Business Online, Google Voice, and Google Hangouts. The comparisons were done both in VoIP to public switched telephone network (PSTN) and in “on-net” conditions, or in cloud-based VoIP to VoIP signaling.  The tests were even run over four different operating systems, including Windows, iOS, Mac OS X and Android.

In the end, Tolly Group found 8x8 Virtual Office came out ahead every time. Noting that there were several potential challenges to overcome in such a situation, ranging from things like bufferbloat and packet loss to delay and jitter, 8x8's system was found to overcome these issues most often and provide the best end user experience.

8x8's vice president of product marketing Matt McGinnis commented, “Businesses, employees, and customers today are connecting to more networks in more places than ever before. This makes it even more imperative that they utilize a cloud communications provider that invests in technologies that optimize quality of service for real-time communications, especially when network conditions are less than ideal. The new Tolly Group report validates 8x8’s investments in the underlying technologies delivering the highest-quality voice communications via our patented Global Reach Network.”

Having the best customer experience in a customer-facing service like VoIP could be the one thing that ultimately separates the winners from the losers here. With 8x8 clearly leading many of the major names in the field, that could be a great advantage for 8x8. Now, all it needs to do is clearly get the word out that it's providing a better experience—as objectively tested by third parties—and it should be a clear path to greater sales and market share.

This is the kind of news that great marketing campaigns can be built around, and with customers likely looking for an experience that won't be a total letdown, 8x8's value proposition of superior service in all conditions might just be the edge it needs to get ahead in the field. 

Edited by Alicia Young

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