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8x8 Lands High Honors with IHS Markit

May 18, 2017

It's always great to have an achievement—best whatever, most thus-and-such, and so on—but it's even better when that achievement can be repeated. The more often the achievement is repeated, in fact, the better it demonstrates the thing for which the achievement stands. Recently, 8x8 demonstrated as much when it landed a leader slot on the 2017 IHS Markit Unified Communication as a Service (UCaaS) North American Leadership Scorecard.

This wasn't the first time 8x8 had pulled off such a coup, but rather the fourth time consecutively. That means the company's been winning this honor since 2013, and hasn't stopped once. Reports noted that 8x8 landed the honor on a combination of its overall financial position, steadily growing customer base, expansion in services offered, and its readiness to continue growing its market presence with both midsized and large enterprise operations.

Additionally, 8x8 was also cited for its acquisition of Sameroom, which provided infrastructure for team-to-team messaging, improved integration for its mobile client operation, improved rollout of capabilities beyond voice to include things like collaboration tools and messaging options, as well as a rapid international expansion to better bring in major multinational firms.

8x8's vice president of product marketing, Matt McGinnis, commented, “It is a great honor to be ranked as a leader in the IHS Markit UCaaS Leadership Scorecard for four years in a row. This recognition reflects 8x8’s ongoing commitment to delivering the best global, enterprise-grade, open communications cloud platform to enable our customers to solve real-world communications and collaboration challenges. This latest achievement, along with other recent industry recognitions, demonstrates that 8x8 continues to be at the forefront of innovation as the world’s first Communications Cloud.”

Winning an award once is a great thing, but winning it four times in a row is a point that suggests someone's clearly dominant in a market. 8x8 winning leader classification this many times makes it fairly clear that the rest of the market is lagging 8x8 to such an extent that it's likely to continue being the leader for some time. Though given the pace of 8x8's expansion, however, it may not have much more room to expand than it already has. That could hurt it going into future IHS Markit races, but given the number of areas in which it can expand, this may not be such a problem.

For now, though, 8x8 is a clear leader in the field and has been for some time. With the rest of the market eagerly eyeing that top slot, though, it may not be a leader much longer. It's got what it takes, but further expansion from competitors may hurt its chances.

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