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File Request Fuels Collaboration

May 17, 2017

No man is an island. Collaboration and communication are key cogs in organizational success, and with the cloud era upon us innovation is introducing a new generation of solutions empowering teams with an armory of applications and tools. The good people at Huddle believe “collaboration drives productivity,” and recently unveiled enhancements to its solution aimed at doing just that.

This week, Huddle released for general availability File Request – a feature with its sights set on secure and efficient collaboration. The process of gathering files, from spreadsheets and email to the hurdle of file size, can pose a daunting task. Now, requesting and receiving files is as simple as logging into your Huddle Workspace.

Baker Tilly's Audit Manager Kevin Fulcer shared, “Huddle has already made a difference on our client engagements, with many clients preferring the simple interface over email. File Request can make things even easier for our clients who can quickly check what is needed and then simply drag and drop the requested files straight into Huddle.”

From within Huddle, a user creates a request, adds assignees, and sets due dates as well as an upload location. File Request supports the exchange of up to 500 per Huddle Workspace at a time, with a user friendly system to set up automatic notifications. 

Requests are tracked via user dashboard, providing a real time status report, and once a document is received assignees are notified. Also, with the new File Request update, size limitation is no longer an issue, as the solution supports documents of up to 10G in size. Files are imported through the browser, directly to a user’s desired location. Due to File Request’s automated notifications, there’s no more tracking people and resources down – the software ensures the project remains on schedule. All sent files and interactions are securely stored in Huddle.

Stuart Cochran, CTO, Huddle, noted, “We're not simply exporting legacy ways of working into the cloud. File Request is the result of months of intensive research and development, and demonstrates very clearly that Huddle is focused on enabling knowledge workers to get project work done much more efficiently and securely. File Request shows how we put our customers' business process transformation first, so our customers will be able to gather and manage files in a single, cloud-based environment.”

Systems must be in place to encourage team-wide collaboration at the push of a button. In File Request, Huddle developed a tool that drives projects forward, keeping all coworkers on the same page and doing so in the most efficient and secure way possible.  

Edited by Alicia Young

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