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8x8, Regus Partnership Boosts Unified Communications

May 15, 2017

Unified communications (UC) has come a long way since its original inception, and has expanded to be a global operation used most everywhere where there's a decent Internet access backbone. A recent move between 8x8 and Regus, meanwhile, is displaying just how far this expansion effort has come, as the two set up a new partnership effort that will expand the companies' presence worldwide.

The new partnership effort is actually an expansion of an earlier partnership in which the duo were bringing cloud-based UC systems to a variety of customers. Now under the new agreement, 13 more countries will be able to get in on the action, and Regus customers will have better access to service options. Since Regus is widely known as a provider of flexible workspaces, having 8x8 in tow to provide connectivity for these office is a valuable concept.

Already providing around 20,000 UC seats so far, 8x8 has brought quite a bit of value to Regus operations in not only the United States, but also Germany, Ireland, and the United Kingdom. With 13 more countries able to get in, that improves an already mutually beneficial picture. Plus, 8x8 is also providing Regus—under a separate agreement—with virtual contact center services to nearly 100 countries that use Regus contact center operations. Thanks to the new expansion, the term of the Regus / 8x8 contract has been extended to 2020, meaning around another three years of mutual operation.   

Bryan Martin, 8x8's chairman and chief technology officer, noted “Regus’ commitment to workplace flexibility is bolstered by the capabilities of the 8x8 Communications Cloud. The combination of our open cloud platform with Regus’ information services and systems will enable automated, on-demand services to Regus clients worldwide. We look forward to our continued partnership and shared vision with Regus to enable their clients to truly realize the benefits of flexible work and to ensure they have access to the most advanced communications, collaboration, mobility, contact center and analytics services.”

It's good news all around; 8x8's tools get into more companies' hands, and Regus gets to offer valuable services within its own operation. The resulting halo effect should give both companies a lot more room to operate in the market and make several companies reconsider currently-established UC and contact center operations in favor of the provider that's so clearly delivering value to so many firms as it is.

That kind of partnership is a valuable thing, and makes it clear why the pair extended the partnership. It was working too well to not. Regus and 8x8 will likely continue delivering value in the field for some time to come, and that's good news for UC markets everywhere.

Edited by Maurice Nagle

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