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Unified Communications Provider Mitel Surpasses 3 Million Subscribers

May 09, 2017

Yesterday, Network South announced that one of its main partners in the field of unified communications, Mitel, has officially surpassed three million cloud subscribers. This is a fact that is being celebrated widely by both companies. Network South exclusively sells Mitel products, and so it too has cause for happiness.

Mitel is one of the leading providers of business facing cloud based communications, an area of the technology field that is experiencing rapid growth. The fact that the company has already built such a large user base is important for many reasons. First, and most simplistically, the fact that three million customers have tried Mitel’s product offerings and stayed loyal to them is in and of itself a ringing endorsement of the company. However, having such a large user base is also incredibly helpful to Mitel as it looks to improve its current offerings and roll out new ones moving forward. Because of the large number of active users, Mitel has an enormous wealth of data flowing through its processing systems on a daily basis. All of this data can be analyzed to help troubleshoot issues, identify inefficiencies, and make it easier for Mitel to improve moving forward. This will be incredibly helpful as more and more businesses continue to focus on cloud based communications.

“Businesses around the world are turning to cloud communications to seamlessly connect their workforces, enhance customer service and simplify IT management,” said Jon Briton, Executive Vice President and head of the Cloud Division at Mitel. “Mitel delivers the stability and expertise to provide them a better path forward to hybrid and pure cloud solutions at a pace that’s right for them and with the assurance their investment is futureproof.”

The fact that Mitel has such a large and devoted customer base speaks volumes not only to its own success but also to the extent that businesses will continue to rely on cloud based communications moving forward. Unified communications services that are hosted in the cloud are undoubtedly the future for businesses. Mitel should continue to see growth moving forward.

Edited by Alicia Young