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MTS Announces New eXsight UC&C Management Solution

May 04, 2017

The key to having successful unified communications and collaboration (UC&C) is good management. A company can have the best communications in the world, but if they’re difficult to manage and not connected, it won’t matter. On that note, Mer Telemanagement Solutions Ltd. (MTS), a global provider of telecommunications expense management (TEM), enterprise mobility management (EMM) solutions and video advertising solutions for online and mobile platforms, recently announced the release of its new eXsight Uni?ed Communications and Collaboration (UC&C) Management Solution.

This latest version has a new appearance and provides UC&C users with expanded reporting capabilities, provisioning and control capabilities, and enhanced Business Intelligence (BI) to identify trends. eXsight is available as either a licensed or Cloud solution.

eXsight is beneficial in that is simplifies the UC&C user management experience. It gives users an expanded view into business metrics and offers connectivity to Human Resources, Finance and IT systems. In addition, connectivity metrics offered include employee productivity, application adoption, help desk insights and much more. So, not only does the solution allow for the faster delivery of information, but it also gives users more insight into operations.

Not only that, but eXsight’s new ad-hoc reporting engine also allows users to customize reports and automatically share them across the enterprise. The eXsight (BI) Tool gives users access to metrics and insights in order to help users identify UC&C trends throughout the industry.

Roei Soudai, MTS's Vice President of Product Management, announced the new version of eXsight while discussing the need for this type of solution in the marketing by saying, “UC&C managers are always looking to enhance user experiences, increase efficiencies and save on costs. I am thrilled to launch our newest version of eXsight which now offers managers the ability to do all of that with a simpler user experience and more flexibility…Our clients can gain information instantly through a single sign on screen and manage their UC&C needs including, instant messaging, employee presence, application sharing, and file transfer.”

Edited by Maurice Nagle

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