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New Intelligence System for Unified Communications

April 27, 2017

Edgewater Networks has partnered with Polycom to create a multi-level intelligence solution to be used in tandem with unified communications applications. The result is a powerful data analytics tool that can be used to glean insight from the many forms of communication that are processed through unified communications platforms.

Conversational analytics is nothing new: there are a multitude of analytics programs that can provide data from text and voice communications that can be used to further understand interactions. However, accomplishing this with unified communications can be especially difficult, as so many forms of communication are being processed through the same platform. This creates much more data that must be sifted through and processed, requiring more sophisticated data analytics engines. That is what Edgewater Networks and Polycom have created, and their platform can also take note of and manage security threats and issues proactively.

“The combination of Polycom’s powerful and feature rich endpoints with Edgewater Networks’ Intelligent Edge and Service Control Center will allow our customers the full end-to-end visibility to proactively manage their environments and ensure an optimal end user experience,” said Jim Kruger, Chief Marketing Officer and EVP at Polycom.

The importance of unified communications has been well documented: UC platforms allow for greater communication and collaboration among employees as well as with customers. In order for these platforms to have their desired effect, however, they must be secure, and they must provide useful information. This intelligence solution from Edgewater Networks and Polycom accomplishes both of these goals. It allows businesses to glean useful information from the interactions they have through these platforms, making it easy to change and improve their approach. In addition, the proactive security wing of this solution makes sure that communications are kept secure, a key concern of any business.

Solutions like this one will continue to make unified communications platforms a more viable offering for businesses. More and more companies will likely look for ways to improve the functionality of UC platforms.

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