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Gintel Launches B2B Unified Communications Platform

April 26, 2017

Earlier this week, Gintel, the Kazakhstan based software developer, announced the release of a new unified communications platform aimed at B2B communication. The platform is called Kcell, and it is a cloud-based platform that will allow businesses to quickly and easily adapt it to fill their communications needs. Gintel has high hopes that this platform will be a popular and heavily used offering in Kazakhstan, where the business world is rapidly developing.

The main draw of Gintel’s Kcell platform is its simplicity. The platform can be used on a wide variety of mobile devices, meaning that businesses will not have to purchase a new set of hardware in order to run it. The program is so easy to adapt that it does not even require the purchase of new SIM cards; it can be run on devices through the networks they are already subscribed to. This is incredibly important in a business climate that is rapidly growing like the one in Kazakhstan.

Businesses in this country are growing rapidly, and thus need to quickly scale up their communications capabilities. However, because many of these businesses are still in the fledgling stage, they often do not have the time or the budget to completely overhaul their offices and their hardware. Platforms like Kcell, which are cloud based and easily adaptable to a wide variety of devices and networks, allow these businesses to fulfill all their needs without high costs or an extended implementation time.

“We needed a solution that would help Kcell to secure revenue growth from new sources, while providing a solution that solved identifiable communications problems for the business community in Kazakhstan, said Marat Auketayev, head of the Business Solutions Unit in Kcell. “Gintel provided that, and we are delighted to be able to offer a market-leading, cloud-hosted service that will provide the platform for Kcell’s future growth.” More and more businesses are turning to these cloud based communications platforms, as they offer a means to fit their growing needs without breaking the bank.

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