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netsapiens: We'll Free You from the Box

April 24, 2017

There are different ways of providing business customers with unified communications experiences. And netsapiens has been promoting that message lately to agents who may be ready to segue from selling white-label solutions to becoming service providers themselves.

netsapiens can provide them with the unified communications platform-as-a-service to enable that transition, said Dave George, senior vice president and general manager at the 15-year-old company. That way, he added, these entities will not be at the mercy of a box.

More than 120 service providers – including Internet service providers, managed service providers, and wireless Internet service providers – are using the netsapiens SNAPsolution platform today. The platform is nice because it’s session based as opposed to seat based, so it allows service providers to be over-subscribed, George noted.

Most of the service providers leveraging the netsapiens platform are in the U.S. and Canada, although a few of them are elsewhere in the world. George said netsapiens is aggressively pursuing new partner opportunities in Australia, whose government has instituted a big broadband push, and South Africa, where the company has seen a lot of interest in this kind of solution.

George added that netsapiens also has been working to expand its ecosystem and deliver truly unified experiences across the solutions within that ecosystem. For example, he said, users of solutions based on the company’s platform can go from a WebRTC session, for example, to a video one. And netsapiens, which has well-documented and open APIs, continues to add new integrations with third parties, he said. For example, the company recently announced an integration with Impact Telecom, which has a cloud phone system.

“We are really excited to offer an affordable alternative to expensive and complex multi-channel contact center solutions,” Impact Telecom CEO Chuck Griffin said. “We found that many of our small to medium-sized business customers just don’t have the need or the budget for overblown call center solutions, making this new integrated feature set the go-to option for our target customers.”

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