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Fusion Steps Up UC by Enhancing SD-WAN Systems

April 12, 2017

Sometimes technology benefits in unexpected ways by enhancing seemingly unrelated systems to help improve the whole. In this case, unified communications (UC) is about to get a  new benefit from Fusion, which recently moved to improve its software defined wide area networking (SD-WAN) system with a new, better customer portal.

With the new customer portal, customers get access to a complete range of business policies, better application performance, and more all from a system that's quickly and easily put in place with as little monitoring and maintenance as possible. That helps deliver value for UC operations as well, since it delivers improvement to the overall network environment.

For its part, Fusion expects big results out of this enhancement, particularly noting that such a development would get it greater access to the rapidly-growing SD-WAN market, which is expected to reach the $6 billion mark by 2020. The combination of low costs and high value delivered has made a lot of users interested, and that's expected to push further sales and development as more businesses try to get a piece of that market.

Fusion's president of business services, Russell P. Markman, commented, “We are particularly excited to have selected Channel Partners as the venue for announcing this game-changing enhancement to our already transformational SD-WAN solution. We look forward to welcoming new and existing partners to our booth to demonstrate our end-to-end cloud solutions suite and highlight the many ways that Fusion delivers optimal solutions for our customers, ensuring the highest levels of quality, reliability and security.”

Improving the overall quality of the network lends more than a little help to UC applications that so routinely depend on network health and quality to produce the best results. That makes Fusion's news welcome for UC users, who should get some extra benefits in terms of network health out of its SD-WAN improvement. Simpler cloud access, better customer choice...all these things actively improve an overall environment and give network users more to work with. That's a welcome benefit, and the kind of thing that should give end users more reason to stick with Fusion. If the end users have more reason to stick with Fusion, well, that's all the more reason for Fusion to bring something like this out.

Fusion benefits by providing better options for end users, and end users benefit from that improved slate of options. That's good news all the way around, and it's the kind of good news that means good things for Fusion's long-term organizational health.

Edited by Alicia Young

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