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Avaya Unveils Unified Communications Service

April 10, 2017

Avaya has partnered with icosnet to create its first cloud based unified communications service in Algeria. It is aimed chiefly at mobile devices, but will also allow those operating desktop machines to communicate as well. Because this service is cloud based, it does not require any new hardware, allowing businesses that implement this service to do so without the need to purchase any new hardware and instead simply use their existing devices. This will rapidly improve the business climate in Algeria as businesses gain the ability to better communicate within their own organizations as well as with customers.

“The Algerian market has a growing appetite for innovation, particularly around mobility and collaboration,” said Lionel Hamman, Territory Account Manager Algeria & WCFA at Avaya. “By offering embedded communications capabilities within everyday work applications, we are simplifying the process for end-users to access advanced communication and collaboration capabilities. At the same time, we're enabling decision-makers to see the value in accessing a cloud solutions model. Together with icosnet, we are best positioned to lead the Algerian market transition towards a digitally enabled future.”

Cloud based unified communications services are perfect for areas that have business climates that are still developing their infrastructure. While other, more industrialized nations already have the infrastructure in place to facilitate larger communications networks that require huge amounts of hardware, that is simply not the case in less developed areas. Despite the lack of hardware, however, the spread of cellular networks has still allowed people all over the world to connect with one another.

The use of cloud based unified communications networks takes this a step further. Unified communications allow people to use voice, text, and other multimedia to more clearly communicate their point and share items that need to be worked on, without having to worry about compatibility issues. Unified communications are a great solution to allow businesses to implement a powerful communications platform without having to worry about the overhead costs of installing new hardware or purchasing new devices. Thus, unified communications services should continue to grow in popularity among businesses.

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