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Vonage Uses UC to Step Up Sales Group

April 10, 2017

Making sales is never as easy as just talking to the right guy and signing some papers. In order to take sales to the fullest extent possible, sales efforts must take advantage of channels, or those operations in which sales commonly happen. The indirect channel is perhaps one of the most important such channels, and using unified communications (UC) tools can help drive developments on this front. To that end, Vonage has recently launched its Strategic Sales Group geared toward driving progress in the indirect channel.

The Strategic Sales Group will start by offering partners a wide range of products, including of course a slate of UC tools. It goes beyond that by offering the necessary support systems for such products, like the best of service and training systems, along with delivery mechanisms to make sure everything gets where it needs to be and can be used to the fullest upon arrival. This group is primarily geared toward the enterprise customer and mid-market operations, offering a better customer service operation to help customers not only make purchases, but also take advantage of the newly-purchased materials faster.

The new operation will be led by the current vice president of strategic channel sales Skyler Stewart, who was previously a regional vice president for the channel sales time. Stewart noted, “For mid-market and enterprise customers, a move to the cloud often requires significant coordination to align various systems, applications and processes to bring their communications systems onboard, and we aim to simplify that. With our new Strategic Sales Group in place, channel partners will benefit from this dedicated team to help them serve, deploy, and support these customers more efficiently, more seamlessly and more quickly than ever before.”

On this front, Vonage is already fairly well-known, as it has over 30 dedicated channel managers nationwide, making it one of the largest indirect channel operations in its entire industry. With more firms moving to cloud-based systems, improving the customer experience in the process should help with long-term customer retention. With such a large group in place already, it's clear Vonage has put a lot of investment into its indirect channel operations, and as such, improving these operations with new support, management and tools should help the company capitalize on what it's already done.

Having UC tools involved in the mix is a generally smart idea, and should go quite some way toward making the indirect channel an even greater part of Vonage's total operation. It's already worked pretty well for the company, so seeing it continue to work is the most reasonable outcome here.

Edited by Alicia Young

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