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Nectar's Perspective Certified for Skype

March 27, 2017

Perspective, a solution for assessing networks and monitoring the efficacy of unified communications platforms, has been officially certified by Microsoft to be used in conjunction with Skype for Business. The official announcement was made last week by Nectar Services Corp., the software company specializing in unified communications that created the Perspective product. With this certification, Nectar can now be officially recognized as a Skype Operations Framework tools partner, meaning that its software can now be considered an integral part of the central operating system of Skype.

This certification is a huge boon for Nectar, as it represents to potential customers that its monitoring tools are accurate when being used with Skype for Business. Businesses can thus now know with absolute certainty that they can trust the diagnostic information that they receive when moving their communications from their existing systems over to Skype for Business, or when troubleshooting any issues that might arise.

“As more enterprises rollout new UC deployments, the emphasis on ensuring they work properly before full implementation cannot be understated. Without proper planning and pre-assessment of the network, a UC deployment can easily be abandoned and never fully adopted if problems arise early on,” said Tom Tuttle, senior vice president of UC strategy and global alliances at Nectar. “It is critical for our partners to be able to provide this level of visibility for their customers prior to any UC, cloud or SIP migration project. With access to actionable UC performance information, IT professionals are able to quickly identify and remediate issues—reducing the impact to the user—thus ensuring the best possible user experience.”

More and more businesses today are relying on unified communications solutions to provide a means for their employees to connect instantly and easily, regardless of where they are and what device they are using. The conveniences and importance of these services are obvious. However, as these new technologies are being implemented, there need to be effective means to monitor for and report bugs, as well as troubleshoot those errors. Monitoring services like Nectar’s Perspective will thus be an extremely important part of the coming future of unified communications.

Edited by Alicia Young