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Shift8 Networks Launching Unified Communications Platform

March 27, 2017

Shift8 Networks, a wholly owned subsidiary of Digerati Technologies, announced earlier this week that it will be launching its own unified communications platform later this year. This platform will come with a large suite of features that allow for communications through voice, text, and other forms of media, and is designed so that end users all over the world can communicate with each other regardless of the type of device they are using.

Another aspect that makes Shift8’s platform so appealing is that users can access all of these features either through the company’s own desktop or mobile application or by clicking a designated link in any Web browser. This gives users much more flexibility, as they do not have to download a separate app if they do not have the space on their devices to do so, or if they are using a shared device and do not want others to have access to the app. The platform also makes use of SMS messaging, meaning that users with cell phones can send and receive SMS messages seamlessly from the platform without missing a beat.

Demand for unified communications services such as this one is high, and Shift8 expects to make its platform available in the near future.  “We are excited about the enhancements and are eager to meet customer demand for these applications when we launch the new release in the next 30-45 days, said Arthur L. Smith, CEO of Digerati. “With the help of our technology partners, this year will continue to bring additional feature sets and improvements to our platform, all for meeting the requests from our user-base and upcoming technology trends within our industry.”

This unified communications platform from Shift8 is the latest foray from tech companies into the world of real time communications across multiple platforms and media. Businesses are seeking a way to give all their employees the ability to communicate with each other instantaneously, as well as share photos, videos and other information, without requiring all new hardware to be purchased. Unified communications software is the answer to that problem, and that is why that sector of technology is continuing to take off.

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