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Logicalis US Chooses IR for Better UC Insights

March 16, 2017

Sometimes, to see how your IT systems are really performing, you need a tool that can give you deeper visibility into the end user’s experience.

Logicalis US, an international IT solutions and managed services provider, consults, builds, manages and operates IT solutions – including communication and collaboration solutions – for enterprise customers. It also provides a hosted collaboration solution as a consumption-based-UC-as-a-service offering that’s supported by Logicalis US’ 24x7x365 remote management and monitoring. To enhance its Cisco and Microsoft Skype for Business collaboration and video managed services, Logicalis recently turned to IR, a provider of experience management solutions for UC and contact centers, for an additional toolset – IR Prognosis – that would give it just that kind of visibility into its customers’ UC environments.

IR’s reputation in this area speaks for itself, with more than 1,000 organizations in over 60 countries—including some of the world’s largest banks, airlines and telecommunication companies—relying on IR Prognosis to provide them with business critical insights.

Given Prognosis’ success rates, Logicalis US has chosen to implement it as part of its hosted solution to give its managed services experts better visibility into client networks. This visibility should improve troubleshooting and overall quality of service, which are problems IT teams tend to run into during UC deployments. IT teams need to be aware of problems in the network and user experience, as well as understand why these issues are occurring so that they can resolve them. With Prognosis, this will hopefully no longer be an issue because the system is designed to quickly pinpoint the problem through prescriptive guidance.

“Delivering a better user experience is entirely about having the visibility you need into the end user collaboration experience and rapidly being able to diagnose – and correct – impending network issues,” says David Leech, Vice President, Cloud and Managed Services, Logicalis US. “This is something we believe IR’s solutions can help us do. I’m excited about putting these tools into the hands of Logicalis US’ managed services engineers and enabling them to provide an even more rapid and proactive service that will take our customers’ unified communications experiences to the next level and beyond.”

In the end, Prognosis is meant to enable the best user experience possible for collaboration, meetings and voice/video calls, whether in the cloud, on-premises, for hybrid environments or through a managed service. By implementing the service, Logicalis US’ clients will benefit from these insights. 


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