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Fusion Fueling Cloud Era

March 14, 2017

Digital transformation is not simply a trend; it is an evolution touching the spectrum of industry. From data and storage, to voice and collaboration, innovation is ushering in the cloud era. A once curious notion is now embedded in business operations. It is now what and when, not if, operations are moving to the cloud. The benefits are undeniable, which is why those cloud services vendors capable of delivering the power of the cloud in a cost-effective and user-friendly way are reaping the reward.

Fusion, a cloud services company, provides the full gamut of the cloud – from UCaaS to IT services and more – and announced today that an international technology staffing and services company signed a three-year cloud solutions contract with the burgeoning firm to aid in the provision of digital transformation.

“We are looking forward to growing with this leader in meeting the technical and digital needs of enterprises across the U.S. and Canada,” said Russell P. Markman, Fusion's President of Business Services. “With over 20 years of experience supporting its clients' digital transformations, this customer has focused on cutting edge technology and a level of service second to none. We're pleased that the company has selected Fusion to help it stay at the forefront of the rapidly evolving technology landscape.”

While, yes, this is an exciting time to modernize operations, not all cloud services are created equal. Things can quickly get complex and confusing working with multiple cloud vendors to piece together the “perfect” solution, which is one of the primary reasons Fusion was selected. Fusion single source solutions mean one invoice and one single point of contract.  Coupled with Fusion’s ability to deliver diverse cloud connections, the company can count on continuity in operations to focus on client needs.

That is in addition to a fully integrated cloud services platform offering scalable, converged voice and solutions, 24x7 live support, 24x7 network operations monitoring, and advanced billing, monitoring, management and reporting systems. So the MSP was able to add a partner provider with an end to end solution, capable of supporting requirements of today, and growing to meet the demands of tomorrow.

The cloud is a key cog in the digital transformation taking place. It is permeating the nooks and crannies of industry, from SMB to Enterprise. The cloud era is upon us.

What do you have in the cloud?

Edited by Alicia Young

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