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AudioCodes Modernizes UC With New Release

March 14, 2017

As communications have long been one of the most vital parts of any business—perhaps even the most vital—businesses have been careful to put proper investment into such operations. Companies like AudioCodes, therefore, have been just as careful to bring out the best in communications and unified communications (UC) material. Recently it brought out a new solution that would help to modernize the enterprise voice network: the Universal Communications Architecture (UCA) system.

With the UCA system, businesses are better able to concentrate any off-net traffic over the corporate wide-area network (WAN), which means that all that communication coming in over session initiation protocol (SIP) trunks or even just from direct internal operations is able to be more effectively routed. That in turn means cost savings as the resulting traffic is simpler to deal with.

UCA uses many standards of UC operations, including session border controllers (SBCs), routing and policy management systems that work globally, and several other tools to provide this new and likely welcome outcome.  The system also offers several major advantages, including protection from attacks no matter where the attackers are located geographically, as well as fraud protection, eavesdropping protection, compliance with a variety of regulations, and more. The UCA system can even use AudioCodes' VoIPerfect system for added improvements in voice quality while drawing on as little bandwidth as possible to provide the best in service.

AudioCodes vice president of product Yehuda Herscovici commented, “Our Universal Communications Architecture is a comprehensive voice modernization solution that does not require a forklift replacement of existing systems but still provides a future-proof infrastructure that is easy to manage, maintains corporate security and promises to deliver capital and operational cost savings. The solution has been selected and deployed by large enterprises with tens of thousands of employees in USA, Europe, and Asia."

Given reports that, within the next three to five years, many businesses will make moves that will render time-division multiplexing (TDM) services unused, getting prepared in advance to put UC systems to work instead will be a valuable development. Better yet, AudioCodes' system has already been successfully put to work in several major enterprises' operations, which serves as valuable testimonial fodder for the further sale and use of this impressive new development in UC systems. This should put some extra fire under AudioCodes' sales operations with UCA and give the company a potentially serious new winner.

It may not work quite as well as hoped—AudioCodes has no shortage of competitors in the UC field—but AudioCodes has a fine product and some excellent name recognition. That's good news all around and what should be a victory in the making for AudioCodes.

Edited by Alicia Young

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