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Merchbanc Modernizes Communications with Avaya IP

February 28, 2017

Spring is right around the corner, and we all know what that means – spring cleaning time! It’s a time for out with the old and in with the new. When we evaluate the deep questions like, “Do I still wear this shirt?” or “These jeans have a hole in them, but I’ll still wear them, right?”. The enterprise is constantly tasked with this type of triage, and for many it’s difficult to move beyond current systems in place to modernize operations. Today, it seems Merchbanc is doing some spring cleaning a bit early, announcing it has cast aside its legacy communications and implemented an Avaya “full stack.”

The deployment will provide the Spanish financial services group with voice, video and data, as part of the company’s modernization project, which is focused on meeting regulatory compliance requirements, security of customer data and sensitive communications in addition to overall efficiency.

Now, Merchbanc can build a private cloud leveraging the Avaya IP Office Server Edition, which adds improved disaster recovery for bank offices as well as reliability. In addition to the “full stack” and cloud-bound communications, Merchbanc also deployed Avaya Ethernet 3500 routing switches and Contact Recorder IP Office (to ensure compliance). Users can easily access records of recordings via Web browser, and review details associated with each call.

“We needed to modernize our corporate technology and make the jump to a latest generation IP telephony system. It is very clear that telephony is strategic to our business. Professionalism and the expertise of Infocom, backed by the prestige of the Avaya brand, gave us the final push to embark on this complete renovation project which we have implemented in our three offices,” explained Miquel Reig, director of IT at Merchbanc.

In this instance, Avaya credits its channel partner, Infocom, for the sale and delivery of the solution, serving as a perfect example of the power of a strong partner network.

The Merchbanc modernization project is putting the financial firm in a position to compete today, while remaining in compliance with strict regulatory guidelines and prepared for the future. Sometimes spring cleaning can prove quite painful; however, the end result is usually quite fulfilling.

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Edited by Alicia Young

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