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BroadSoft Improves UC with AI and Apple CallKit Support

February 21, 2017

According to a survey by BroadSoft, 89 percent of respondents think that native mobile integration is an important requirement for mobile solutions. To meet this need, BroadSoft has been working to bring more to its mobile solutions, and recently announced that it will be making significant enhancements to its bMobile advanced mobility solution. The company will be bringing artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities and Apple CallKit support for BroadSoft Business UC-One mobile apps.

The announcement states, “The enhanced capabilities of BroadSoft bMobile enable companies to reorient their business around mobility, while allowing service providers and mobile operators to maximize LTE investments and capture new opportunities by delivering revenue generating mobile-first business unified communications capabilities.”

In terms of AI integration, BroadSoft will be bringing Hub together with UC-One Connect. Hub is a BroadSoft application with built-in contextual intelligence for real time access to the files, notes and content relevant to each interaction, which ultimately makes meetings and conversations much more productive. Once Hub and UC-One Connect come together, Hub can retrieve and display relevant information from popular cloud applications such as files, emails and social media updates to remote mobile device users based on who they’re talking to or messaging.

Meanwhile, bMobile will now also offer support for Apple iOS CallKit for UC-One mobile apps. According to the statement, “Tightly integrating UC capabilities with the native iPhone user interface offers a superior mobile experience that delivers calling and advanced business features directly from the iPhone.” This latest integration will allow companies to answer a UC-One call with a single swipe when their iPhone is unlocked; prioritize between a UC-One VoIP call and an incoming native call; use UC-One mid-call services like hold, transfer and conference while on an iPhone; and make a UC-one call directly from the user’s iPhone contact list.

These new features are meant to improve the user experience for mobile workers by meeting the demand of that 89 percent who believe native mobile integration is of the utmost importance. “BroadSoft remains focused on designing features and applications that make it easier for workers to be productive while mobile,” said Scott Hoffpauir, chief technology officer, BroadSoft. “With our bMobile capabilities, BroadSoft delivers a superior and more native mobile user experience with embedded multi-device, multi-identity advanced business calling features and capabilities.” 

Edited by Maurice Nagle

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