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The Verdict Is In: UCaaS It Is

February 16, 2017

From Madison Avenue to Main Street USA, innovation is introducing a new era, opening the door to an exciting time to be in technology. Cloud computing is a key component of the ongoing digital transformation at hand, empowering a new generation of services and solutions capable of addressing the needs of today, while also poised to provide support for the demands of tomorrow. Communications is receiving a facelift; transitioning from on-premises legacy systems to software-defined solutions delivered as a service chock full of features, and more pocket friendly too!

The Law Offices of Peter G. Angelos, P.C. are seeing the benefits of this cloud-based revolution in real time, as this week it announced the selection of Fusion for cloud services. In selecting Fusion, the legal team can take advantage of a feature rich UCaaS solution, which provides a secure and highly productive environment.

“Our mission is to deliver peace of mind to our clients, simplifying complex and confusing legal processes and inspiring confidence and trust by extending a single hand to shake. We have found that Fusion is committed as well to solving the problems that keep its customers up at night. Fusion's single source solution will not only increase productivity and reduce costs for the firm, but will deliver peace of mind with a swift, secure and seamless path to the cloud,” explained Dean Hadjis, CFO of the Law Offices of Peter G. Angelos. P.C.

Why Fusion? The answer for the Angelos team is simple: one source for all of its cloud needs. It signs one contract, has one contact and receives one invoice, all while basking in the robust and reliable nationwide network Fusion provides. This alleviates the headaches of multi-vendor environments, and as a result of receiving end-to-end managed service, it can focus on the business at hand – serving its clients.

“This major law firm has represented clients in several states across the region for over 50 years. Well known nationally and respected for its tradition of excellence, it has set the highest standards for service quality and expects that same commitment from its service partners. That is why we are especially gratified that this outstanding firm has placed its confidence in our single source cloud solutions,” noted Russell P. Markman, Fusion's President of Business Services.

The law firm’s seven locations can now enjoy all the cloud has to offer, and from an administrative standpoint, complexity is minimized via Fusion’s administrative portal, which allows for control over the services delivered.

Sure, the cloud can be a complex and completely overwhelming undertaking, but when paired with the proper partner, the decision is easy and implementation is quick and painless, putting the power of the cloud to work for your business – large or small.

Can you handle the truth? The cloud is here to stay, and Fusion has no objections.

Edited by Alicia Young