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ShoreTel Connect for Chrome Simplifies UC

February 15, 2017

At the end of the day, unified communications is all about making collaboration as easy as possible. Whether the UC solution in question makes it simpler for employees to work while on the go, easily videoconference a client, or simply improves SMS messaging, the end goal remains the same: make communications easier.

One company that is completely supportive of UC’s goals is ShoreTel, Inc. (SHOR). The company provides businesses worldwide with communication solutions that make interaction as simple as possible. It delivers a variety of solutions, including business phone systems, unified communications, contact center solutions, a fully hosted voice and SMS development platform, and more.

In its most recent move to improve interactions with UC, SHOR launched its ShoreTel Connect for Chrome browser. The integrated solution delivers a UC experience between ShoreTel Connect, G Suite and Google Chrome. With a new client app, users can streamline workflows and increase efficiencies with integrated contacts, events and call control.

More specifically, ShoreTel Connect for Chrome allows users to easily search for contacts by merging ShoreTel contacts with G Suite contacts into a single list. This enables users to search through all their contacts at once and then make a call with one click. Additionally, users are able to improve productivity, thanks to integrated call control. Users can search for contacts, dial and control calls from the Chrome browser extension all in one place. They can also view presence status for contacts within the search results. Finally, users can easily create and join ShoreTel events from Google Calendar. Once they’ve clicked on the notification, they are taken into a Web conference where they can then collaborate with others by sharing their screen and participating in a group chat.

Not only do these features solve many common problems people have when trying to collaborate, but they’re also on popular platforms that workers are already using in their daily lives. “Google Chrome browser and G Suite are heavily used in the enterprise and across verticals, so the time is right to integrate ShoreTel Connect with Google,” said Eugenia Corrales, Senior Vice President of Solutions Group at ShoreTel.

She continued, “Our new offer reinforces our commitment to create intuitive and integrated solutions. Now, Chrome browser users have a seamless enhanced experience with the integrated ShoreTel features. We will continue to grow our capabilities in this area with a focus on broader Web-based collaboration.”

ShoreTel Connect for Chrome is a great step in the right direction toward making UC as effective as possible.

Edited by Stefania Viscusi

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