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RingCentral Drives Cloud Development with New Partner

February 14, 2017

With enterprise cloud solutions increasingly desirable, it's not a surprise to see more firms push into that market in a bid to get a share. RingCentral is no different, and recently enlisted the help of new strategic partner Carousel Industries to try and land the biggest share it could get.

Since Carousel Industries is known as a major name in communication and network technologies, it made an excellent fit for RingCentral's operations in cloud-based communications and collaboration services. With the new partnership, RingCentral's systems can be part of Carousel's current lineup of offerings dealing with improving productivity and making workflow move more smoothly through a corporation's various arms.

As Carousel boasts over 6,000 enterprise customers to its credit—35 of which are Fortune 100 companies—there's a significant new ability to expand here.  Reports note that there was some overlap between Carousel and RingCentral's operations, but RingCentral will get exposure to around 1,000 new customers, which is no small quantity of potential buyers.

RingCentral vice president of channel sales Zane Long noted, “We're thrilled to announce our partnership with Carousel Industries as we expand our channel partner program focus and presence in North America. Carousel Industries is a recognized consulting leader on cloud communications technologies for large enterprises. As a partner, we see the team at Carousel Industries expanding our ability to gain and support enterprise customers and large user deployments.”

This is great news for RingCentral, and it comes amid several other major developments. Recently, RingCentral provided a keynote address during the ITEXPO event concluded down in Fort Lauderdale, and in the closing hours of February, RingCentral will follow it up with a new webinar. The webinar, titled “Customer Engagement Beyond the Contact Center,” will focus on how to use cloud-based communications systems—like those now offered by RingCentral and Carousel—to deliver the best in value for the customer.

In the end, those who fail to deliver the best in customer experience—and customer engagement is a major part of that—are the ones most likely to fail. An ultra-competitive environment requires that customer engagement take on a new level of priority, and cloud-based communications systems like those offered by RingCentral and Carousel can be a great way to provide the necessary connection tools that help ensure the best in engagement.

The combined efforts of RingCentral and Carousel should go a long way toward improving customer engagement and thus business outlooks in the short term for the early adopters here. It may not be long before such tools are table stakes rather than a competitive edge, but either way, RingCentral and Carousel will come out ahead here.

Edited by Alicia Young

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