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Mitel Brings UC to Beijing Subways

February 07, 2017

Have you ever been stuck on public transportation with absolutely no service? It seems like this happens whenever you have something important to do. There’s always service when you’re simply sitting, bored on a bus (which, don’t get me wrong, is great because playing on your phone makes the time go much faster). But it always seems like that service goes away as soon as you have an important business phone call to make on the train. Just last week, my friend struggled to conduct his phone interview because his phone wasn’t working right on sections of his train ride into NYC.

So, yes, while it is annoying when you can’t scroll through Facebook on the subway, it’s even worse when you’re unable to communicate with your coworkers due to a lack of connectivity on public transportation. This is a problem everywhere, but one company in Beijing is looking to remedy the situation.

The Beiljing Rail Transit Control Center (TCC) just announced that it has entered into a partnership with Mitel, along with the Beijing Waneasy Technology Co. Ltd, for this exact reason. Due to the agreement, Mitel will be providing a unified communications solutions for the TCC.

Much like the rest of the city, Beijing’s subway system is rapidly expanding. With plans to grow to 650 miles of track by 2020, and the mobile workforce growing stronger by the minute, it’s more important than ever that every inch of those tracks has connectivity options. Therefore, the TCC has chosen to deploy a Mitel communications system that helps employees communicate and collaborate more efficiently while on the go, in the hopes of better serving the 12 million daily passengers.

“Enabling employees to communicate and connect with colleagues instantly, anywhere across the rail network, is essential for Beijing to provide quality customer service,” said Guoxu Zhang, Technical Solution Director, System Service Depart. of Beijing Rail TCC. “The safety of our passengers and ensuring our rail service runs as smoothly as possible are top priorities. With Mitel, we have a partner who understands what we need and can deliver on those requirements.”

Thanks to this partnership, staff will be able to better assist passengers, and passengers will be able to better communicate with the outside world while on the move. The solution will provide seamless connectivity to 18 metro and light rail lines, which is a great start.

Mitel’s Ryan Smith will be participating in a panel at ITEXPO this week, “Cut the UC Hype: Which Deployment Model is Right for You? ” along with other industry execs to discuss the different options (virtualized, on-premises, cloud, hybrid) and the pros and cons of each, as well as how to choose which deployment method works best for your business. ?

Edited by Stefania Viscusi