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UC Company Smart Communications Lands Leader Nod

January 31, 2017

January 2017 recently brought with it the latest Magic Quadrant study from Gartner, and as is generally the case, there were some exciting new moves generated accordingly. Some firms went up, others went down, and some new firms arrived on the lists altogether. One company, a unified communications (UC) focused firm called Smart Communications, made one big jump upward to take a Leader slot in the study thanks to its achievements in the two main factors the study highlights.

The Gartner Magic Quadrant study focuses on two key points: completeness of vision and ability to execute that vision. From there, firms are ranked accordingly and given a designation based on the results of the ranking. A firm that has a high completeness and ability—as Smart Communications is—is designated a Leader. Meanwhile, a firm with low completeness and high ability is called a Challenger, and a firm with high completeness and low ability is called a Visionary. Firms ranking low on both scales are called Niche Players.

Smart Communications, which focuses on cloud-based enterprise customer communications and similar UC efforts, landed the leader slot thanks to strong showings in both completeness of vision and ability to execute. The Gartner study evaluated 15 vendors in the field of customer communications management, and produced the results accordingly.

The company's CEO, George Wright, commented “We’re very pleased that Gartner has recognized Smart Communications as a Leader in this year’s Magic Quadrant. We continue on our commitment to lead and deliver on a global strategy for CCM and enterprise communication solutions built for the modern cloud-era. We believe our strategic partner alliances are reinforcing our strong position in the marketplace as we help businesses move beyond traditional enterprise communications using the most modern architecture and cloud capabilities for true multichannel communications.”

Having a Leader rank in the Gartner study isn't what anyone would call a bad move; it proves that the elements are in place for a highly successful outing. It's not a guarantee of success, as it's still possible to do the wrong things despite having all the right tools on hand. Yet without those key points, that completeness of vision and that ability to execute, success is an even more remote possibility. Smart Communications' array of solutions certainly would seem to help here, as it's got a variety of tools geared toward handling several different industries. That makes it more likely to survive downturns as it has a diversified market base.

Regardless of the future outcome, this is still good news for Smart Communications and for those who work with it. The company has what it needs to go forward; how well it will do in light of that is in the company's hands now.

Edited by Maurice Nagle

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