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Sennheiser Plans Exciting Exhibition for ITEXPO

January 30, 2017

One of the amazing things about ITEXPO is the sheer variety of materials on display. Those interested in an array of different technologies will be able to get an eyeful and demonstrating this fact clearly is Sennheiser, who is set to bring several new entrants into conferencing technology to the big event.

While at ITEXPO, Sennheiser will be showing off speakerphones and headsets with a unified communications focus, as well as other conferencing hardware. One such entry is the MB 660, a wireless headset option that offers active noise cancellation that can be modified according to needs on the ground.

Another, the PRESENCE mobile headset, offers several different digital microphones, designed to ensure the best in audio pickup and transmission even in outdoor settings.  The PRESENCE system is actually part of a broader slate of tools on this front, including other items reportedly on hand like the SP 10 and SP 20 speakerphones and the Team Connect wireless audio conferencing tool.

Sennheiser president Andreas Bach commented “At ITEXPO we’ll explain how high performance audio headsets and conferencing solutions can not only accommodate more effective communications, but improve productivity as a functional element of the workplace. The right headset lets employees cater their user experience to the variables of their space and to the type of communications they’re conducting from moment to moment. IT managers who test our headsets first-hand quickly realize how much advanced engineering has to offer to the effective, modern workplace of the future.”

When Sennheiser arrives at ITEXPO—slated to run February 8 – 10 at the Broward County Convention Center in Fort Lauderdale—it will take up residence  at booth 813, where it will join a legion of other exhibitors, showing off the greatest new technology amid a series of keynotes and panels from other technology figures.

Conferencing systems don't go far without the right hardware to back these up, and Sennheiser has an array of such tools ready to go. While there won't be a shortage of competing systems in the background, and Sennheiser will certainly have a fight on its hands to take and hold market share, there's no doubt that the company has a high-quality line of products ready to go that most any business should be happy to have in place.

With an increasingly mobile workforce in play, and with conferencing having already amply demonstrated its ability to save time and money for users, conferencing hardware will likely be increasingly in demand. Sennheiser has a great slate of options ready for such users, and those wanting a look at the newest options need only hit ITEXPO to see for themselves.

Edited by Stefania Viscusi

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